Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The Amazing Pull the Rabbit Out of the Hat Diplomacy Promises

France and Germany have already told Kerry to fuggetaboutit...they aren't going to get any further involved in the Iraq process than they already are, and Kerry's sister has been aggressively campaigning to get Australia out of the alliance, and Kerry has been telling the Iraqi insurgents that he won't be a problem to deal with, while telling the provisional government that they are full of it, but still he expects to be able to work diplomatic miracles, even after poisoning his own waters.

Senator John F. Kerry set some new markers for his diplomatic skills yesterday, saying that as president he would immediately convene a summit of all European and Arab heads of state "to figure out how together we're going to assume the burdens" of Iraq and proposing that another country could provide a base for training Iraqi security forces. Rest is here.

Reminds me of Bullwinkle pulling the rhino out of the hat.

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