Tuesday, September 28, 2004


More on Senator Kennedy's Scare Tactics

Waving the nuclear mushroom cloud, Kennedy is trying to scare us into backing Kerry.

Don't think it's really going to work.

Little Red Blog said it well:

With Kerry as President, the U.S. would withdraw from Iraq, leaving the government unable to contain the various factions of Islamist and headed for a certain civil war resulting in an Islamist regime, or worse three equally Islamist oriented regimes. The effort to eliminate al-Qaeda would be severely limited as Pakistan, now an ally, would find itself alone in the battle to prevent al-Qaeda and pro-Taliban forces from moving to retake Afghanistan and to remove President Musharraf (which Barack Obama claims could lead to a U.S. strike on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons). Thusly our prime allies alienated, yes the Muslim allies are the prime allies in this war, we would have no foot hold to prevent Iran and North Korea from exchanging weapons and technology, leading to an eventual mushroom cloud or clouds.

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