Tuesday, September 28, 2004


"Us to blame?" asks the Democratic Candidate's Collegues

Why isn't Kerry doing better, they are starting to ask.

Well, the American President and population are stupid, some suggest. Kerry's just too intellegent for the plebian unwashed to relate to.

Perhaps he's seen as to, well, effete (although the long line of women he has been associated prevents anyone from calling him gay.

Kerry's not the first northeasterner to fall for the smooth affability of a Texas poker player, though.

AllahPundit has it down pat:

In other words, whatever the explanation is for Bush's lead, it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that Kerry has run, in Zev Chafets's words, "the dumbest presidential campaign in modern history". How dumb? Dumb enough that one of its more high profile "advisors" is just now figuring out that foreign policy might play might play an important role in the election. Dumb enough that it can somehow underwhelm, both on the micro and macro levels, one of the most enthusiastically left-wing demographic groups in America. And dumb enough that, with five weeks to go before the polls open, Bush-haters are having to throw dinner parties to see if collectively they can come up one single affirmative reason to vote for Kerry.

Of course, Chafets is wrong. It simply can't be the campaign's fault that Kerry is down by eight. If that were true, it would mean that the America's best and brightest had once again been outmaneuvered by a man many of them suspect is part chimpanzee. I mean, for Christ's sake -- what would the Spaniards think?

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