Wednesday, October 20, 2004


ABC Panderers instead of Truth Speakers?

from Thomas Sowell:

Who would have dreamed that ABC News would compare what Kerry said in his report with what was said in a citation based on that report and find it convincing that they matched?

Everything about the Nightline program reeked of contrived "ambush journalism," to ambush John O'Neill with the words of Vietnamese villagers who were put on the program before him, and thereby exonerate John Kerry from O'Neill's charges.

If this program were a serious attempt to get at the truth, it would hardly have completely ignored all those Americans who were on the scene during the disputed incident and instead go to the other side of the world to talk with people in a Communist country with a Communist official present.

Other boats from John Kerry's unit fought that day in the same vicinity. Even with the best of intentions, the Vietnamese villagers interviewed on Nightline had no way of knowing which of the many Americans who opened fire that day 35 years ago was John Kerry. The Americans in that unit knew -- but they were not interviewed on Nightline.

That is what stamps this as spin, rather than news.

Do media elites think we are all fools? Probably.

North Korea's Dear Leader favors Kerry. I wonder how the commie leadership of Vietnam feels about him (especially after what he did after he got back from Vietnam). My guess is there opinion would be akin to that of the Dear Leader, which would make anything anyone says in that country within earshot of a minder not just useless, but much less than useless.
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