Sunday, October 24, 2004


Kerry's Fantasy World

Check this out from KorlaPundit:

Kerry's Fantasy

Article that goes with it is worth reading,'s a sample:

Here's the Kerry plan the way it looks from our side of the looking glass: (1) insult our allies and drive them from our side; (2) reward French and Russian treachery by awarding them Iraqi contracts and worse, a hand in forming the new Iraqi government (brrrr!); (3) demoralize our troops by telling them it is a "wrong war"; (4) destroy American credibility by not standing by our commitments and making it obvious we are looking for any excuse to pull out; (5) send a clear message to the terrorists that if they strike us badly, we will have to leave; (6) follow through at the next car bombing, and pull troops out; (7) abandon Allawi (who Kerry calls a puppet, to the glee of Al Jazeera), and watch from afar as he is killed; (8) blame Bush when Iraq collapses into a civil war which kills millions, finally resulting in a Taliban fortress.

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