Monday, October 18, 2004


Michelle says it so well...

Michelle Malkin

On an Alaska-bound flight, a drunken Kerry supporter went ballistic after harassing a female Bush supporter and refusing to calm down at the request of flight attendants. In Gainesville, Fla., police arrested a Democrat accused of punching the chairman of the Alachua County Republican Executive Committee in the face at the town Republican headquarters. The accused, David McCally, also punched a life-sized, cardboard cutout of President Bush. Mr. McCally is a community college instructor in social and behavioral sciences.
According to the GOP chairman, Travis Horn, Mr. McCally hurled obscenities at him before the assault. "He proceeded to say how he had a Ph.D., and he was smarter than me. I'm a stupid Republican." And that, no doubt, is the superior attitude held by media reporters and anti-hate crime advocates and peace preachers and civility pleaders who refuse to acknowledge the totally unhinged tactics of Democrats Gone Wild.
Liberals promise to do "whatever it takes" — "by any means necessary" — to win this election. If conservatives were mouthing those slogans as glass shattered and lawns burned, Karl Rove would be under federal investigation. Jimmy Carter would seek U.N. assistance. And the New York Times would be calling for a National Day of Reconciliation.
A single act of hate is a danger to the republic, except when it's fomented by bug-eyed, rock-throwing, lighter-wielding Kerry-Edwards supporters just exercising their "free speech."

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