Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Moral Obligations

Ipse Dixit notes:

John "Weeble" Kerry's every utterance about Iraq suggests that he will pull out at the earliest possible moment regardless of the circumstances there. That's the barely concealed message to his base in every "Yes, but..." he's uttered when he's tried to sound "tough" over these last several months.

This cannot be allowed to happen. We, as a country - having supported the invasion by a 2-1 margin - have a moral obligation to see it through to the end. This will, by itself, also advance the long-term strategic goal of making terror - and state-sponsorship thereof - less viable as a means of acheiving political goals. Kerry simply won't do it. He's wasn't capable of it as a young man and he'll be incapable of it as President. Many think, for instance, that Bush has been overly sensitive about Muslim holy sites and other "cultural" impediments to battling the "insurgency" as effectively as objectively possible. But just imagine how a man whose entire public life is marked by manifest loathing of American power would be.

Kerry, as I have said before, might have been an adequate, if uninspiring, President in another time. But he is singularly unsuited to this time. He has announced quite plainly that what he really wants is to withdraw within our borders (except where the Secularist Holy See at the UN asks us to bear the bulk of the burden of their feckless, useless "peacekeeping"), hunker down, and hope we don't get attacked again so he can spend that money socializing medicine and further centralizing power over our daily lives in Washington, DC. It is patently obvious that the unfinished liberal project of turning the United States into an emasculated welfare state in the mold of France or Germany is far, far more compelling to him than transforming the Middle East, forcing terrorist jihadism to join Communism on the ash heap of history.

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