Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Most Outrageous Kerry Pandering Statements

Go grab your Barfbag...These are BAD!!!!! (and shows us A WHOLE LOT of what Kerry thinks of us "Flyover" people, that he can talk down to us and make sport of us this way) Thanks, ProteinWisdom!

Top 5 egregious Kerry panders (even by Kerry standards)

* "Can I get me a hunting license here?” (Applying for an Ohio hunting license in Buchanan, Pike’s County, Oct 18).

* "I love God. Christ, do I ever love God. The lord my God, I call him. The Eye is the Sky. The big Jesus. And yes, I do love Him. For his compassion and his, y’know, his Godliness.” (Speaking to a Southern Baptist congregation in Moblile Alabama, Sept 7).

* "You bet your redneck ass I want you to Supersize that som’bitch! The Kerrymeister can never have too many freedom fries!” (At a McDonalds in Tom’s River, New Jersey, Sept 2).

* "I’m not gay, but I find lots of men attractive. Steve McQueen, for instance. And Charles Bronson. Bronson, for one, had the kind of strong hands that say, ‘you look like you could use a hug, son.’ And even men need hugs from time to time.” (A speech given to Lambda Legal, New Mexico, March 31).

* "Ludacris? Why, of course I’ve heard of Ludacris. In fact, let me just say that that particular gangsta mofo is the shizznit. Got rhymes hard as teenage boyz. Yes. I feel Ludacris. I certainly do.” (Appearance on MTV, April 17).

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