Thursday, October 14, 2004


MSM for Kerry Campaign?

Couple of stories I have run across this morning with this in mind:

Media Research Center's latest cyberalert (putting together a story from stories that have been recently run, I think, but still worth looking at.

Front Page Magazine is running a story on the "ABC's of Media Bias"

a sample - but go read it all:
IS THE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA BIASED against conservatives? Dan Rather remains in the anchor chair at the CBS Evening News despite his involvement in recent news stories based on dishonest reporting, fabricated documents and even Internet gossip falsely alleging that President George W. Bush secretly intends to begin the military conscription of students. These stories were obviously designed to damage Mr. Bush in the final weeks before a national election. And now ABC News has left in place its Political Director Mark Halperin. ABC has done this despite the network’s acknowledgement that Halperin wrote a memo that to many seems to direct ABC reporters, anchors and producers to slant its coverage by downplaying the misstatements of Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry and by viewing negatively any misstatements by Republican candidate Bush.

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