Thursday, October 14, 2004


New Swifties Ad

INDC makes the following comments about the new ads:

I fail to see how anyone can dismiss these men as Republican shills after viewing that ad, unless they're Republican shills and professional actors that are willing to dishonor their service with convincing performances. These guys were tortured in Vietnamese prisons, and Saturday Night Live does a skit making the outrageous claim that they really care about taxes and gay marriage? Eleonor Clift attacks them as Bush's political "sleeper cells," a term usually reserved for terrorists? The Daily Show cracks smarmy Gen-Y jokes about their honesty? Andrew Sullivan dismisses them and comes the the conclusion that their claims were "largely unproven hearsay and malice," equating them to the "sleaze" that's rampant among 527's?

Ads can be seen here

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