Monday, October 18, 2004


The Nuisance Factor

The MartiniPundit quotes Mark Steyn talking about the nuisance factor:

Even if you take the Kerry Doctrine as seriously as the New York Times does, the nuance of nuisance depends largely on the terrorists. When all they could do was kill a few dozen here, a few hundred there, they were a ‘’nuisance’’ to Clinton, Cohen, Kerry and Co.; when they came up with a plan that killed thousands, they became something more than a nuisance. But that change in status was determined largely by them. The Kerry Doctrine leaves it in their hands. And, in this kind of conflict, if you’re not on the offensive, you’re losing.

We simply can’t afford this approach to terrorism

But the Kerry Doctrine, like the long years of dealing with one terrorist action after another that marked long years of putting up with it before would have us do just that...and doing nothing just allows the size of the problem to get worse.

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