Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The Party of Diversity and Tolerance Strikes Again!

Bill Hobbs writes:

Disgusting: Democrat poster compares Bush to mentally handicapped

A Democratic incumbent Tennessee state legislator is circulating a disgusting anti-Bush poster, and his Republican challenger is demanding he stop, and issue a public apology. Here's his emailed press release:

poster.jpgRepublican nominee for State House District 82, Dave Dahl, denounced a flyer distributed by Democrat State Representative Craig Fitzhugh that attacks Bush voters and mocks those who are mentally challenged (flyer included). "Hard-ball politics is one thing and everyone expects tough battles, but using those who are born with mental disabilities for political fodder is disgusting," said Dave Dahl on Monday from his campaign office in Dyersburg. The flyers have been distributed for at least 2 weeks from State Representative Craig Fitzhugh's campaign office on the town square in downtown Ripley, which also serves as the Kerry-Edwards campaign headquarters.

Hat tip to Right On Red

Aren't you being a little politically correct? Since when did 'mentally challenged' enter the conservative vocabulary?
Wasn't my words. Comes from Dave Dahl's press release. You might want to ask him why.
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