Sunday, October 17, 2004


Perception, perception, perception....

This is what one conservative woman's perception of why and how the democrats have been behaving the way they do. If they don't mean to be perceived like this, perhaps they need to think about it. And if they do, perhaps she is right.

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff

Democratic operatives have unleashed against my President the meanest and most unrelenting smear campaign I have ever seen – and I’m no youngster.

Many stories have been circulating around the web. Billionaire George Soros will spend $25 million in the final two campaign weeks in his attempt to ruin President Bush’s reelection chances. Senator John Kerry demands Sinclair Productions not air the broadcast of “Stolen Honor” before Election Day unless he gets equal airtime. An Ohio judge ruled to allow voters to cast ballots outside their districts in that state, a move that encourages election fraud. Ralph Nader’s name has been removed from ballots in close-call states like Pennsylvania.

These news items prove that Democrats oppose free speech and fair elections when there’s a chance they won’t win. Despite accusations of voter fraud during the Florida recount, it is the Democrats who most likely did the tampering. There were approximately 1,400 disqualified overseas military ballots in Florida, most of which would have gone to Bush, not Gore. The election result in New Mexico was so close Al Gore only won by a mere 366 votes. President Bush did not demand a recount. It’s always the Democrats that sue, manipulate and deceive the public.

For Republicans, this election is primarily about protecting America and spreading peace throughout the world, and social issues follow. For Democrats, it’s all about social issues such as abortion, gay rights, assisted suicide, civil liberties and judicial appointments. When voting on these issues conservatism wins because Americans still know the difference between right and wrong, which comes from faith in G-d. Secularists want to gut faith from public life. The one exception was in 2000 when Senator Joe Lieberman’s faith became a campaign issue. Theirs is a humanistic worldview in which everyone believes a public declaration of faith is offensive, and G-d must be minimized.

That’s where suppressing free speech via court orders comes into play. Americans United for Separation of Church and State asserts that religious displays violate the Constitution and offend nonbelievers, but what really offends them are religious values. When people choose G-d over atheism their behavior and views change, and they vote conservatively on social issues. Norma McCorvey, formerly an abortion advocate and the Roe in Roe v. Wade is now a born-again Christian and a fierce defender of life. As for Americans United, they are duplicitous regarding the “wall of separation,” because their organization didn’t complain when Senator John Edwards used a Detroit church service last week to bash a Bush/Cheney ad.

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