Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Playing Money Games

Via Free Republic:

In an internal Senate report obtained by HUMAN EVENTS, the Senate Budget Committee (SBC) rips Sen. John Kerry's various policy proposals, showing those proposals to be far from fiscally sound.

The report (titled "Budget Impact of Policy Proposals advocated by Presidential candidate U.S. Senator John Kerry") was "prepared at the request of U.S. Sen. Don Nickles [R.-Okla.], Chairman of the Committee on the Budget" and "solely for the information and use of the Chairman, members of the Senate Budget Committee, and members of the full Senate." However, HUMAN EVENTS was able to get an exclusive copy and found that it lays waste to Kerry's claims of fiscal responsibility surrounding his various policy plans.

Below are some of the internal report's key findings:


Spending: Deficits & Debt: The report goes on to point out the many ways Sen. Kerry's proposals fall far short of his claims of fiscal responsibility.

Interestingly, the report states that the "SBC majority staff found that many of Senator Kerry's polity proposals did not have enough details to provide a reliable cost estimate for this report. Consequently, the costs of those proposals are not reflected in the totals." In other words, the news about Kerry's tax-and-spend plans only gets worse.

Check out the entire Internal Senate Report here.

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