Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Prayer for the President

O Lord,
You who hold the world
in the palm of your hand,
who paid such a price
in agonizing love
in blood
in pain
to show us the way
to live,
to walk,
to care,
Be with your servant George this night,
brighten his eye with the touch of your Spirit,
strengthen his heart with the fire of your love,
fill his mouth
with the words you would have him speak,
and may each word,
be under your control,
under your watch
under your care.

Thank you Lord,
for giving us a leader who loves you,
who understands the truth of godliness
who cares that his actions, words and deeds
are more than chess pieces
in some power game
to please the ego.

I plead your blood to keep him whole,
your fire to strengthen him,
your love to guide him
this day,
and all the days he walks this earth,

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