Monday, October 25, 2004


Protecting the most Vunerable

Blogs for Bush quotes Father Frank Pavone on Kerry's schizo stance on church teachings and what he is willing to vote for:

Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, in response to a speech that Kerry gave in Fort Lauderdale. "Kerry said, on the one hand, that he disagrees with the Church on abortion, and yet that society must protect its most vulnerable members.

"That's exactly why the Church is against abortion and requires Kerry -- and every public official -- to extend protection to the most vulnerable, the children in the womb. Mr. Kerry obviously does not understand the Church he claims to belong to. The Church's position on abortion is not based on religious doctrine; it is based on the very duty to society that Mr. Kerry claims to fulfill."

Who are the most vunerable? The unborn, followed by the handicapped, the too sick to defend themselves...and where is the pressure to end life prematurely? The pressure is solidly on the unborn (40 million + of them), then in much smaller numbers the handicapped (like Terri Schaivo and the Wyeth child in the UK), and the too sick to defend themselves (who in countries like Denmark are routinely put down, even if they haven't requested it.)

If you are to protect the most vunerable, there is something missing from your stance when you ignore this.

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