Monday, October 18, 2004


Some Notes on the Culture War

In the most recent Time poll, George Bush is winning over the culturally driven voters by 70 to 18 percent, a margin that shifts the overall poll findings by as much as 7 or 8 percentage points toward Bush. This is true, as well, in the battleground states, where the GOP margin on social issues is critical. MSNBC's polling firm indicated some 12 percent in Pennsylvania and 16 percent in Missouri would pick moral and family-values issues as the most important in determining their presidential vote this year, and Bush's lead over Kerry among these voters ranges from almost 8 to 1 in Oregon to more than 10 to 1 in Ohio and more than 12 to 1 in Missouri. USNWR

Maybe this should tell the "Cultural Elites" or anyway those people who think they drive the culture of this country to look at what's really happening. There are those who buy into the values espoused by the entertainment industry, and those that know that if we live that way, we will die as a nation, just like western Europe is dying as a region, unable to even sustain replacement rates, and in a generation or two, will be a Moslem enclave and break two thousand years of cultural dominance and become something not Western European.

Maybe we don't want that fate.

Maybe the "elites" are themeselves a dead end.

Maybe there is something to the old "truths and verities."

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