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West Point Graduate Condemns Kerry's Valor Awards and Purple Hearts as Phony

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In an open letter to Senator John Kerry, a former regional coordinator for Viet Nam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) has accused the senator of betraying antiwar veterans and dragging VVAW to the radical left and collaboration with the enemy. Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr., an airborne ranger infantry veteran of Viet Nam and antiwar veteran himself also wrote in his letter that Kerry usurped the leadership of VVAW with his "phony medals for valor and [his] three phony Purple Hearts."

Johnson, a registered democrat, writes in his letter that most antiwar veterans told the truth about what they saw and did in Viet Nam and asserts that they were demanding from their leaders acknowledgement and change. It was Kerry, Johnson writes, who took over leadership of VVAW under false pretenses and dragged it in the direction of Jane Fonda and collaboration with the enemy.

In the letter, Johnson calls Kerry a Narcissist who has fallen in love with a phony image of himself which has become the focus of Kerry's life. According to Johnson, Kerry took his movie camera to Viet Nam "with the express purpose of recording [his] imaginary exploits and feeding [his] grandiose image of [him]self."

Johnson's letter contains many references to heroic actions of soldiers, comrades, and West Point classmates who earned one or more Purple Hearts, some of them posthumously. Johnson also mentions his uncle, William B. Johnson, a lieutenant in the Navy who received the Purple Heart posthumously after being killed in action on his PT boat in the Pacific during WWII.

Johnson writes to Kerry, "Your deceit is an explicit slur upon my uncle Will's Purple Heart award, and you mock all other veterans who made the supreme sacrifice or suffered genuine wounds in combat throughout our nation's history. Your rise to prominence is based upon your abominably perverse desecration of our ideals; you have trivialized and demeaned the sacred and the solemn, and no amount of fluent sophistry or braggart pretense can cover it up."

Mr. Johnson said that even Kerry's own accounts of his "exploits" are pathetic and added, "If Kerry's awards are the standards for service and valor in Viet Nam, then the two million or so of us veterans who simply did our jobs, whether we believed in the war or not, all deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor."

    To see the Open Letter in its entirety, go to:

Mr. Johnson is a 1965 graduate of West Point and an airborne ranger infantry veteran of Viet Nam who served from March 1968 March 1969. He is also an author. His latest book is "The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble." For more about Mr. Johnson, go to

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