Wednesday, September 29, 2004



There are times in ease and prosperity that humans can play around with alternative things.

The rise of the anti-hero in literature and the media in the 20th century is one such example.

But humanity knows from long experience that countries ruled by the likes of Hitler and Caligula and Pol Pot and even Saddam Hussein don't last. Regimes in time of stress that don't do mostly the right thing don't last.

When crisis comes, Character counts.

The "security moms" should be a sign that we are in one of those times when people are looking for bedrock. They don't want nuance. They want leadership and safety, someone they can trust to protect them. No anti-heros need apply. No waffling.

So the democrats offer up a man who changes position constantly, has told lies regularly to make himself look like Everyman to everybody, but who cannot control his sneering, and who seems to blame everybody but himself. This inabilty to read the Zeitgeist may hurt them more than anything, and has a great chance to leave the party in shambles.

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