Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Kerry's Quandry

Dick Morris notes about the first debate:

To win Thursday's debate — decisively — all he has to do is state his position on the issues of terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran and the myriad threats we face.

Bush enters the debate empowered by three fundamental facts:

* Virtually all of his own voters agree with his positions on these vital issues.

* About one in three Kerry voters also approves of Bush's policy in these regions.

* Kerry, for some inexplicable reason, has chosen to attack Bush on these very issues — his strongest point.

So Kerry endangers his hold on his own voters every time he attacks Bush's conduct of the War on Terror and the battle in Iraq

Looks like a case of painting oneself into a corner and hope you can get someone to help you out the window you just can't quite reach....while Bush just has to go in there and be himself...those who back him agree with him already.

Horns of a dilemna...or maybe this critter has at least 3 horns? Or is he hoping for style over substance?

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