Wednesday, September 29, 2004


MSM just can't seem to understand....

The Galvin Opinion notes something I think interesting:

Media's head-scratching: However, the media refuses to believe their own polls indicating the president's strong showing in the electorate. On Monday night, published a story with the headline, "Bush apparently leads Kerry in pre-debate poll." The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows that among likely voters, Bush was the choice of 52 percent, while Kerry was the choice of 44 percent. Apparently? That sounds like a clear answer to me!

This piece is good analysis. Read it all. Amazing. They don't understand why people don't think the way that they do. Have they ever stopped to think that maybe there's something with the way they think? That morality isn't necessarily relative, that issues passed off as civil rights may be issues that tend to destroy social cohesiveness, that secular fundamentalism has as much problems with being able to listen to people as any other fundamentalism?

Character counts. Standing for the good counts. Standing for life and family and truth counts.

The old virtues matter, and Mr. Kerry seems deficient in them, no matter how rich or intelligent or educated he is.

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