Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Snookered or Snide?

For months now, left-leaning interest groups have been trying to scare America's young people into believing that the Bush Administration is eager to bring back the draft if President Bush is reelected. For the most part, this story has been spread by word-of-mouth and through the internet--rumors in other words. Up until this month, CBS News has shown no interest in a story that has basically no basis in fact

That changed last week after Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was asked about the rumors. He seemed to give them little credence, but refused to outright disown them, saying only "Is it possible? I can't tell you."

Once again, it seems that the Democratic Party has proven itself more intelligent than its media arm, CBS. Just as it earlier refused to run with Bill Burkett's third-rate forgeries, the Democrats have mostly stayed away from draft speculation. But last night, CBS News once again let its ideological blinders cause it massive embarrassment.

This is from which had server problems, and now is in a temporary location.

(Reminds me of all those nice people who hear something, panic, and email all their mailbox because it's just so awful, without thinking or checking with, either! Just got one today about the lead supposed to be in lipstick from a dear lady on one of my mail lists, but that's another story.....But I guess it's too much to ask CBS to stop acting like a computer newbee...)

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