Wednesday, September 29, 2004


With Allies Like These....

France said Monday that it would take part in a proposed international conference on Iraq only if the agenda included a possible U.S. troop withdrawal, thus complicating the planning for a meeting that has drawn mixed reactions.
Paris also wants representatives of Iraq's insurgent groups to be invited to a conference in October or November, a call that would seem difficult for the Bush administration to accept.

Check out Hard Starboard, which also discusses this one.

Let's see...the country we know screwed around royally with the Food for Oil program and had all sorts of business connections with the Saddam regime, telling us that they won't talk if we don't tlk about withdrawing (is this so they can reestablish the old connections?) and then they want to bring to the table a madman who wants to rule the middle east, various mullahs who want to impose Shia rule ala Iran and old baathists who want to be sure to get a piece of the pie, all of which have been lobbing bombs, some of which have been doing religious courts that we would consider barbarous, and otherwise not being the type of model citizens to build a country with at the table.

I would personally just like to say, Kiss my sweet grits...and one day, if you keep this up, I will return my grandfather's medals that he won for protecting you during WWI, because he wouldn't have wanted to be associated with you.

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