Tuesday, October 26, 2004


350 Tons missing after the invasion! IAEA knew better!!!!!!

Read this, o friends, and tell me that this isn't just games the UN plays....

In January 2003, MOHAMMED ELBARADEI briefed the Security Council, and said in part:

Other Dual Use Items

The relocation and consumption of some dual use materials has been among the questions raised in connection with Iraq's backlog of semi-annual declarations. The high explosive "HMX" is a prime example of such material. The removal of Agency seals on the HMX and the declared relocation and consumption of some of the HMX must be explained and documented by Iraq before the Agency can reach a conclusion with regard to the use of such material. The Iraqi declarations indicate that out, of the 228 tonnes of HMX available in Iraq at the end of 1998, 196 remained at the facility where the HMX was previously under IAEA seal. Iraq also declared that it had blended the remaining 32 tonnes with sulphur and turned them into 45.6 tonnes of "industrial explosive" provided mainly to cement plants for mining. The material balance, current stock, whereabouts and final use of such material are currently being investigated.

They didn't know where it all was in January! And now they blame Bush and company!

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