Saturday, October 16, 2004


Acted More Like Bambi?

Peter Brown, Orlando Sentinal (registration required)

The best reason to be skeptical that John Kerry has the gumption to defend America's vital interests and allies is not that he has been all over the map about this current war in Iraq.

Although such erratic behavior is unpresidential, Kerry's unwillingness to support military action in 1991 against Saddam Hussein after Iraq had invaded and raped neighboring Kuwait is the best reason to question his judgment.

The lesson of history -- Kerry's Senate vote against the first Iraq war that hindsight shows to be a reasonable and necessary conflict -- makes his claim that he would be willing to use force ring most hollow.

What a politician says is one thing.

What he does is another.

Kerry may have served honorably in Vietnam a lifetime ago, but that service and the personal courage it demonstrates say nothing about his judgment as a public official.

He spent the Democratic convention imitating Rambo. When the chips were down in 1991, however, Kerry acted more like Bambi.

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