Saturday, October 16, 2004


Another Commenter on Mary Cheney

This was particularly well-written, and I really respect the author, Jimmy Akin, so I thought I 'd share it with you:

What Sen. Kerry did was not violate Dick Cheney's privacy; it was to attempt to turn Cheney's daughter into an embarrassment and a political liability to him and his boss.

It was the exploitation of an extraordinary sensitive family situation for his own political ends.

No child should be made to feel that she is an embarrassment and liability to her parents, and no parents should be placed in a situation where their child feels this way.

Kerry tried to turn the vice president's child into a political weapon to be used against him.

Cheney may have acknowledged his daughter's sexual orientation in public, but it is one thing for a parent to muster up the courage to admit such a sensitive fact and it is another thing entirely to have it thrown in your face in an attempt to harm you politically by using your child as a weapon.

What Sen. Kerry did was heartless.

It was cruel.

It was vile.

It was despicable.

It was wrong.

Source: JimmyAkin.Org

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