Thursday, October 21, 2004


Athletes for Bush

To our fellow Americans:

We have given much thought to the values and characteristics that make a great athlete. Our lives have been spent trying to run farther, push further, and jump higher than the person beside us, or across the field of our chosen sport. With years of training and exhaustive competition beneath our belts, we have identified the values necessary to compete and win--values like personal strength, determination, a sense of fair play and faith.

The same qualities that make a great athlete make a great President--the determination to do what is right, regardless of the latest polls, the personal strength to bear the weight of the nation on your shoulders, and the faith that a higher power will direct the actions of good people.

We see in President Bush these same qualities.

In 2001, our nation was attacked without cause or provocation. The President's values saw us through those dark days after the terrorist attack. The economy was rocked by the dual blows of the terrorists' cowardly action and the reckless disregard of the rules by a few rogue executives. But President Bush's decisive, principled leadership has moved America forward, and today our nation is safer and our economy is strong and getting stronger.

The fight against terrorism takes decisiveness. It takes continued support for our troops and first responders. But most importantly, it takes courage and inspirational leadership in the White House. In these critical times, our President has had the courage to stand up and do what's right.

For that and for his unwavering character, we choose George W. Bush as our President for the next four years. He is a leader we can depend on to make the tough decisions and the right decisions. Please join us in supporting a candidate of courage, President Bush--a leader who backs our troops defending our nation and shares our values.


Ernie Banks
MLB Hall of Famer

Daniel Beery
Olympic Gold Medalist, Rowing

Carlos Beltran
MLB Baseball All-Star Centerfielder

Craig Biggio
MLB All-Star Catcher & Second Baseman

Josh Davis
Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

Adam Dunn
MLB All-Star Left Fielder

John Elway
NFL Hall of Famer

Bob Feller
MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher

Natalie Golda
Olympic Bronze Medalist, Water Polo

Matt Hasselbeck
NFL Quarterback

Bernie Kosar
NFL Quarterback, Ret.

Steve Largent
NFL Hall of Famer

Karl Malone
NBA All-Star & MVP Winner

Anthony Munoz
NFL Hall of Famer

Jack Nicklaus
PGA Tour Most Major Championship Titles

Mary Lou Retton
Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics

Dot Richardson
Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Softball

Nolan Ryan
MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher

Janet Lynn Salomon
Olympic Bronze Medalist, Figure Skating

Chris Spielman
NFL Linebacker, Ret.

Roger Staubach
NFL Hall of Famer

Kerri Strug
Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics

Lynn Swann
NFL Hall of Famer

Todd Walker
MLB Second Baseman


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