Saturday, October 16, 2004


Bully Tactics and Crying Wolf

Democrats this time around seem to be having trouble understanding...shall we say, nuancing...the way a truly free democratic process works. Instead, they are trying bully tactics.

The NY Post notes:

As the Rocky Mountain News reports, on Wednesday — after Colorado's governor and secretary of state, both Republicans, warned that any case of voter-registration fraud would be prosecuted — state Democrats immediately put out a release denouncing the threat as "voter intimidation."

And — wouldn't you know? — the press release just happened to quote two minority elected officials.

As it happens, massive fraud in registering Democratic voters has been documented this year — and constitutes a genuine attempt to manipulate the election.

But Dems aren't interested in that kind of fraud.

Democratic leaders and many in their rank-and-file are simply not prepared ever to accept that voters just might prefer a Republican candidate.

Any GOP victory has to be tainted, the result of a "steal."

Which is why they're fully prepared to manufacture evidence — even when none exists.

It's simply disgusting.

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