Thursday, October 21, 2004


Bush Democrats Ignored?

Stephen Green, over at Tech Central Station notes:

Famously -- or perhaps infamously -- ABC's influential political blog The Note (fawning New Yorker magazine profile? Check.) claimed that "we still can't find a single American who voted for Al Gore in 2000 who is planning to vote for George Bush in 2004." That was last August. Since then, I've kept a scorecard of exactly which Gore voters are supporting Bush this year. Some of them, even ABC News may have heard of.

I know a couple right off the bat. My Father. My husband.

But Green goes on to mention some of these bigger name people:

Ed Koch - Zell Miller - Dick Morris

and others.

Of course, with ABC having a publically acknowledged determination to push Kerry and cut Bush whenever possible (all pretense of neutral reporting now cast to the wind), I am not surprised that the Note would say such things.

Green must agree, cause he goes on to say:

They take the Terror War seriously, and know that Bush does, too. They also seem to know that Kerry would rather take us back to the glory days when terrorism was a mere "nuisance."

What else do Sarah Baxter, George McKelvey, Randy Kelly, Zell Miller, Dick Morris, and Ed Koch have in common? They're all Democrats who have publicly endorsed -- and plan to vote for -- George W. Bush. The other thing they have in common is, The Note apparently doesn't know any of these people.

Then again, maybe it's true enough that ABC doesn't actually know know any of them. Maybe they need to get out more.

Or maybe ABC just needs read the news.

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