Thursday, October 21, 2004


Compassion and Nuance

William Jeakle said in the Seattle Times:

Compassion and nuance are blue-state words

Once again, some person who considers the center of the US "fly-over" country, populated by the dense, inbred and ignorant, has shown his true colors.

We, the majority of the US are not bright enough, clever enough, good enough to be able to understand the fine points of political rhetoric, or know much about compassion.

What does a man who tells me I need to turn my back on thousands of years of church teaching because he doesn't like it, next tell me? That I am stupid, and need to be led by my betters.

Because I put the right of the unborn on par with the born, I lack compassion?

I am not the person who advocates killing babies without anesthetic, who advocates dismembering living humans without any concern for the pain and suffering they feel in their too short lives.

I am not the one belittling humans, who use nuance as a term to excuse reprehensible behavior.

Tell me again why your argument is superior to mine.

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