Saturday, October 02, 2004


Doing it the wrong way.....

From the Washington Post:

WE RECEIVED THE following letter from a woman in Yonkers, N.Y.: "Dear editor: This debate made it clear: John Kerry is a leader we can trust to tell us the truth when it comes to our nation's security. George Bush has had his chance; I'm ready for a new direction."

Cogent, succinct, personal -- everything we look for in a letter. So why are we writing about it here, instead of publishing it in the columns to the right? Unfortunately, the letter, perfect in every other way, arrived in our electronic in-box Thursday afternoon, four hours and 14 minutes before debate moderator Jim Lehrer posed his first question.

Sometimes, we need to remember that ends are shaped by the means...dark means twists things away from the standards. And even in little things like this, it shows the enthusiasm to not play within the rules. Larger examples are the people who deface other people's political signs or harrass or injure people at political events, or even the recent break in to the Washington Republican campaign headquarters. Doing this shapes the doer, and leads to believing that right is whatever their side espouses, and left unchecked, leads down the dark paths that involve terror and death in the name of a cause.

Blogs for Bush talks about this article in more detail
. Worth a read.

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