Tuesday, October 19, 2004


A Good Question:

At Headland, they ask:

Which candidate do you believe the terrorists would most like to see win, two weeks from today?

This is a good question. Think about it before you pull the lever on Election Day. You might think it doesn't matter what they think, that social issues, or environmental issues, or other causes really matter more.

But what if it were your child who was killed in Beslan? What if it were your husband on the top of the trade towers? What if it was your father on the Cole? Your mother in the explosion at Bali? Your brother beheaded even though all he did was drive a truck?

There are real people, usually non-combatants. They don't have anything to do directly with any war zone...but there are people out there who don't care. They see everybody as fair game. And you can chase your dreams of environmental justice, or think that ending the war will end the situation. But it won't.

Because the terrorists hate what you stand for, and they will not rest until the world is like Afghanistan under the Taliban.

And where will your causes be then?

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