Saturday, October 23, 2004


High Stakes Games

Imagine, if you would, a world where Planned Parenthood's attitude to sexuality became the law of the land.

Would there be any funding for non-abortion crisis pregancy centers?

What would happen to programs that emphasised abstinence?

There's a lot at stake. Molech must be licking his lips at the potential growth of child sacrifices to "convenience" and "choice."

Catholic Kerry Watch says:

Kerry takes every opportunity to warn liberal voters that a Bush victory will jeopordize the "constitutional right" to abortion, but we should remember that the stakes in this election are more than the nomination of a few Justices to the Supreme Court. Besides Kerry's promise to revoke the Mexico City Policy as his first Executive Order, we should keep in mind that liberals are absolutely furious over the Bush Administration's generous financial support for crisis pregnancy centers, which assist pregnant women in finding alternatives to abortion and provide post-abortion counseling.
One can only guess what will happen to federal funding for CPC's under a militantly pro-choice, Planned-Parenthood and NARAL courting Kerry administration

Hat Tip and Thanks to Res Publica Et Cetera

i dont necessarily support kerry, but he has consistently said that whatever he believes in, he doesn't want to force that belief on everybody else.
There are areas where this "these are my beliefs and I won't force them on you" doesn't work on all issues. If you believe abortion is murder, which means, illicit or immoral taking of life, then you have to behave like you believe abortion is as much wrong as any form of illicit or immoral taking of life, otherwise you are being inconsistant, otherwise it's the equivalent of saying, that "I believe that when strangers kill your family members, we should consider it murder, but when you kill your family members, we should consider it a private matter and not do anything."

It would be different if he said, "I don't believe that abortion is murder," but he has said otherwise. That is the inconsistancy that makes it worse in many ways, and says something about his character. At least IMHO.
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