Saturday, October 23, 2004


How Close to the Precipice?

Tactics on the Left:

See how Larry O'Donnell refutes the arguments of John O'Neil with such clarity of thought and evidence . The Daily Recycler has it on Windows Media. My dad watched it and immediately wrote me about it, he was so bothered by the tactics (which is unusual for my dad).

Other people have noticed.

Michelle Malkin quotes people from the Swift Vets counting O'Donnell's use of insults:

I was curious, so I did a count of how many times Lawrence O'Donnell said "lies" "liar" or "lying."

46 total times in 10 min. 45 seconds (much of which he was not talking)

First 5:10 O'Donnell didn't speak
5:10-9:39: 6 times
10:55-12:25: 24 times
00:01-1:38: 7 times (beginning of second MP3 after break)
1:55-3:30: 9 times
(And I may have missed some due to crosstalk)

The Pink Flamingo thinks its a call to Democratic "Brownshirts" to participate in a Kristallnacht approach to getting their way come November 2:

Exactly when is it that we begin to worry about how far the left is willing to go to win this election. And if they are willing to go that far to win an election what do they plan to do when they win? And exactly what are we willing to do about it? Shall we sit around and watch the left steal this election?

We were warned of their plans when they began using the Nazi imagery early on in the campaign against President Bush. Now that they have begun to use the actual techniques of the Nazis, shouting down opponents, assaults on opponents, destruction of opponents offices, intimidation of opponents volunteers, the question becomes what is our answer to this?

Blogs for Bush may be thinking something along similar lines.

Lots of complaints about Democratic tactics at early polling places in Florida especially.

How close to the precipice are they willing to go?

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