Thursday, October 28, 2004


The Insurgency gathers!

I ran across this:

PROTEST ZONES by Jenn Green If Bush Wins--or Steals--This Election, Don't Just Sit There

If Bush gets reelected on November 2--if half of our fellow citizens lose their minds, or if he manages to steal the election again--storming Seattle's federal offices, prisons, and property will let him know that we're not going down without a fight this time. Here's a list of federal sites in Seattle that could be perfect places to protest

What does this imply:

1) t
hat there is no legitimate win for Bush. Even if he is clearly elected, the electors are mad, and therefore it is invalid.

if he wins, he probably stole the election. Even if it looks like he is clearly elected, the election is a fraud and therefore invalid.

because, no matter how he wins, it's illegitmate, the writer feels it is within her rights to disrupt, protest and if necessary, bring down the duly elected government, just because she cannot believe that it is legitimate.

This is called revolution. Are we willing to have a civil war because one chooses to believe that the other side cannot under any circumstance legitimately win?

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