Monday, October 25, 2004


Intimidation in Colorado

From Morgan in Denver via Free Republic:

I'm posting here because I received it this morning from one of my committeewomen here in Denver. Intimidation must be confronted by all of us and I can only hope this is not happening in every state. I have sent copies to various people here in CO and I'm posting her email and my addition here so you will know some of the issues we are facing.
I received this e-mail this morning. I must say, this is the most disheartening e-mail I have ever received. It is unconscionable to me for this potential problem to be happening in Denver.

If Democrat intimidation, voter fraud, or anything, makes this election unfair, I hope and pray we all have the strength to stand up for what we believe in, and make our demands for free, fair and open elections happen in Colorado.

Now is not the time to falter. We must provide poll watchers. We must insist on valid voting.

I rarely ask anyone to forward something but this is an exception. This woman is one of our District 9 Committeewomen. I believe it is necessary to make sure every Republican in Denver and Colorado realizes the importance of this critical situation.



Hello Morgan,

I want to make you aware of a change in my election day schedule. I don't feel comfortable doing pollwatching in precinct 9xx. I have been hearing of acts of intimidation and violence against Republicans everywhere. I will not need a pollwatcher certificate now. I don't want to put myself at risk in public. I am anticipating that election day will be intimidating and complicated. I hope we are not the next Florida. :-)

I had asked for an updated precinct list with apartment numbers. I wanted to hand out campaign materials the Saturday before election day. I have decided I don't want to take the risk of precinct walking here or anywhere else. I had told the 96 hour team I would like to do it with them too. I just told them I am not comfortable with precinct walking with them either. I fear for my safety after seeing Republicans and/or their property hurt and/or vandalized.

I am going to help the 96 hour team out the three days before election day and election day at their Highlands Ranch office. I will help them with mailing and phoning. I feel safe doing this and will be glad to help. I am not trying to wimp out on helping the campaigns and party.

I finished calling all the Republicans in my precinct today. I encouraged them to vote early. Many asked me for extra info such as our house and senate numbers and who our candidates are. I gave them the info for which they were grateful. They were glad I called. Only a few people were not positive and/or were rude. The others were supportive of our candidates and positive towards me.

Thanks and what is your perspective on all this violence and intimidation towards Republicans and our candidates?

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