Sunday, October 24, 2004



By Lone Palm

There are some disturbing similarities in recent events and news stories with those of Kristallnacht. Bush/Cheney campaign offices are being shot at or broken into. Swastikas are burned or sprayed with weed killer into the lawns of people with Bush/Cheney signs in their yard. Yard signs are defaced or stolen. Cars are keyed or otherwise defaced for having Bush/Cheney bumper stickers (my own van included). Children have signs ripped out of their hands and torn up because they and their parents support President Bush.

In the mean time, Democrat Party officials are falsely accusing Republicans of trying to intimidate voters and suppress the black vote. There is no evidence of this. In fact there is evidence of Democrats trying to suppress the military vote as they did in 2000 in Florida (see stories of Gov. Rendell in PA). There is also evidence of Democrats trying to intimidate Republican early voters in Florida. In at least three counties in Ohio there are now more registered voters than residents. This was the same state where a worker was paid in crack cocaine for completed voter registrations.

While no one has been killed yet, this is as much a program of intimidation and demoralization directed against Republicans as the original Kristallnacht was against the Jews. Have you seen any stories in the MSM about this? If it had been Republicans involved in this do you think you could have avoided hearing about it?

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