Sunday, October 03, 2004



I ran across this at Feste:

As I watched the morning talk shows I became angrier and angrier. As a Boomer I am ashamed. Ashamed that my generation whines, pisses and moans when faced with defending ourselves from the threat of worldwide terrorism.

That says a lot about the boomer generation, and maybe to some degree how we raised our kids. If it's not about ME, do I really want to do it, says our Zeitgeist. Even when it came to Vietnam, a lot of the protest wasn't because of the injustice, it was because of the ME factor...once the draft system was changed, the pressure to protest went way down.

Feste goes on:

We cry "It's too costly." What will the cost be if we retreat? The implied costs to our economy post 9/11 may have been as high a half a trillion dollars and a million jobs.

One attack.

We toss away billions of dollars on instant gratification without a thought. We are awash in personal debt, how many credit cards in your wallet, have a second or third mortgage? We will spend an estimated $2.6 B for halloween this month. — HALLOWEEN — people. Yet whine about firehouses for Iraq?! We have been making lousy choices with our personal income and tax dollars for decades.

Now you're worried?

We did nothing about terrorism or terrorist attacks for almost a decade after the first WTC attack, failed to secure our borders and ports, placated North Korea, squandered a Russian realignment, fought the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time in the Balkans, reduced the size of our standing military for theoretical strategies, and ham-strung our intelligence services with lawyerly caveats.

Think about it, people.

Our fathers saved the world from tryanny, rebuilt Europe, defeated Communism and went to the moon.

What will be our legacy?

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