Friday, October 29, 2004


Martini Pundit,

not stirred on shaken on this issue, has some fine comments about Bin Ladan and his POV....and American Patience:

His talk of freedom is spurious nonsense which is clearly aimed at us, as quite different language is used towards his followers. One could try to follow the logic of the statement, but what would be the point? Two things stand out: he takes credit for 9/11 for the first time which one wonders what those who still think the whole thing was a CIA-Mossad plot will do now that their tin-foil hats are spinning round their collective brow, and he also said his patience had run out.

Wow, we exhausted Osama bin Laden’s patience. Apparently over the Palestinians and Lebanon for which you should read our support for Israel.

Well newsflash Jihad-boy - you don’t know what patience is. You don’t know the patience of a people who endured its embassy to be seized, its marines blown up, its elderly shot and thrown overboard, its planes hijacked, its terroritory attacked, its soldiers dragged through the streets, its embassies blown up, its ships blown up. But you started this fight weak horse, and whether it’s Kerry or Bush next week, the American people will finish it.

Oh, and as for freedom, just ask the Afghans and the Iraqis. They are free because of the war you started. But not because you were on their side

The reality is is that America is a country that was taught about how to deal with implacable enemies before we were a nation...and we have never forgotten those lessons. You want to make the Americans draw together and kick butt? Do something to bring in those old instincts. We will forget about the negotiating table and revert back to the ways of Wetzel and Mansker and Boone and Zane and all those others who knew how to thrive even while under threat. And we didn't do it by appeasement. Those who tried it died.

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