Tuesday, October 12, 2004


More Misspeakings from Kerry

Thomas Galvin has created a list of 22 more places where Kerry lied, was wrong, or mislead during the last debate. Great list.

My favorite is this, where Kerry is passing off decisions of the Clinton Adminstration like they were the fault of the Bush presidency!

# 9: "For two years, the president didn't even engage with North Korea, did nothing at all, while it was growing more dangerous, despite the warnings of former Secretary of Defense William Perry, who negotiated getting television cameras and inspectors into that reactor. We were safer before President Bush came to office. Now they have the bombs and we're less safe."

TRUTH: According to the Washington Times, "But North Korea cheated, and the Clinton administration pretended not to notice. In 1997, American officials learned that North Korea had built an underground nuclear facility at Kumchang-ri. On July 8, 1998, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (another current Kerry adviser) told Congress that the Agreed Framework had "frozen North Korea's dangerous nuclear-weapons program." But when the Kumchang-ri intelligence became public the following month, Ms. Albright said she hadn't known that information until later in July. It turned out that Mrs. Albright had been told many months earlier."

They gave them nuclear materials for a promise not to misuse it. Now they blame Bush for not correcting their errors. Give me a break.
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