Friday, October 15, 2004


More on Mary Cheney

As Blogs for Bush has noted, we could call the the Mary Cheney comments officially a gaffe.

Washington Post reports:

An overwhelming majority of voters believe it was wrong for Democratic nominee John F. Kerry to have mentioned in Wednesday's presidential debate that Vice President Cheney's daughter was a lesbian, according to the latest Washington Post tracking survey.

Nearly two in three likely voters -- 64 percent -- said Kerry's comment was "inappropriate," including more than four in 10 of his own supporters and half of all swing voters. A third -- 33 percent -- thought the remark was appropriate.

That 64% of Americans can agree on what day it is is unbelievable, let alone reach consensus on a political comment. I just missed this one-- I heard it, I recognized it, but the impact didn't hit me until in my search of the blogosphere I saw a comment from a fellow father-of-daughters. He said he would be enraged if anyone discussed his daughter's sex life on national TV. I hadn't thought of it that way, but apparently a sizeable majority of Americans did.

Now if we could all just agree to stop watching reality TV....
I don't think it's so much the issue of privacy as it is the issue of Kerry and Edwards slimily attempting to politicize the Vice-President's daughter's sexuality. It was well known in 2000 that Cheney had a lesbian daughter; in fact, it contributed to Cheney's image as "gay-friendly", which supposedly reassured gay conservatives that it was okay to vote for Bush/Cheney.

I think the fact that both Edwards and Kerry chose to mention Cheney having a lesbian daughter indicated to me that Mort Kondracke's analysis was right: Kerry and co. were hoping to inform "Religious Right" voters who might not know, and thereby somehow make them shy away from voting for Bush/Cheney. Pathetic, and I think futile as well. They deserve the indignation they're getting.
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