Friday, October 01, 2004


MSM - performing for their circle of friends...

Cal Thomas Writes:

The traditional media in this country is in tune with the elite, not the people.

Rupert Murdoch, chairman, the News Corp., in the Wall Street Journal, Sept. 26.

That sums up public perception of the definers and disseminators of what is called "news" in this country. The media perform mostly for themselves and their elite friends, not the people they presume to serve. This attitude is responsible for the loss of viewers and readers. The media appear willing to go down with the ship, rather than let someone throw them a lifeline.

Read the rest. It's an interesting analysis of how we perceive the media. Interesting tidbit is that the less educated you are, the more you are likely to trust who is the MSM complaining about when they diss all the people who flock to alternate media? Not the people they think!

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