Sunday, October 17, 2004


Mything Facts

Neat Website that discusses Iraq in ways the NYT will not.

The media has always been biased, but only relatively recently in our history have they not been transparent about it. The claim that reporters possess some sort of mystical objectivity not available to mere mortals is only a recent invention.

In the past, newspapers wore their bias on their masthead, and we still have remnants of that today. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle to name a couple. William Rockhill Nelson used the Kansas City Star to crusade for urban reform in the 1800s, while William Randolph Hearst more infamously used his newspaper empire to provoke a war with Spain at the turn of the century.

While most Americans (and the rest of the world) have to depend on a few hundred reporters to get their information on what is happening in Iraq, we at The Truth About were lucky enough to be able to ask thousands - tens of thousands - of Iraqis their opinions of what is happening in Iraq.

We've identified some of the major myths manufactured by the media, and we have tried to counter them with statistically valid public opinion research.

The truth is better than you think. Be proud America.

Go see the info on their site!

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