Thursday, October 28, 2004


Neal Boortz on Kerry's Latest Dissing of the US Military


Finally John Kerry has decided to face up the reality that there were dangerous weapons in Iraq. Here we are, five days before the election, and now Kerry has figured out that Saddam had weapons that posed a threat. Reports that 380 tons of high explosives disappeared from a storage facility have really ignited a fire in the branches of the Haunted Tree.*

Yesterday this was virtually all Kerry could talk about. Here we are five days before the election, and all this leftist could talk about was this bogus story about 380 tons of explosives that can't be found. Now ... get this: If you are a reporter and you call the Kerry campaign office for a definitive statement as to whether or not it is Kerry's position that those explosives were still there when American forces arrived, they will tell you that this is not, in fact, Kerry's position. Than you go listen to Kerry on the stump he will say that those weapons most definitely were there, and that Bush just let them disappear.

A few points:

It's our troops that Kerry is slamming, not Bush. If the explosives were there, it was the job of our troops to secure them. Bush wasn't there.

ABC News has a rather interesting report. ABC has a confidential memo from the IAEA which says that inspectors actually documented about three tons of explosives in that facility, not 380 tons. We'll see if Kerry mentions this discrepancy.

And, as you will read in the next segment, Bill Gertz is reporting that it may well have been the Russians who helped Saddam remove these explosives and move them off to Syria. There is one thing for sure now. Saddam Hussein is not in possession of those weapons.

Kerry calls it a growing scandal. The true growing scandal here is that Kerry has nothing else to talk about at this late stage in the election.

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