Tuesday, October 12, 2004


O Where oh Where is .....

There have been rumours for awhile about nuclear scientists from Iraq in Syria, where there are said to be waiting shipment to Iran.

Today, Little Red Blog reports about missing infrastructure as well:

While the left continues the "no WMD's" theme. The IAEA noted yesterday that satelite imagery and investigations of nuclear sites in Iraq show:
"the widespread and apparently systematic dismantlement that has taken place at sites previously relevant to Iraq's nuclear programme and sites previously subject to ongoing monitoring and verification by the agency".
Iraq's current Science and Technology Minister, Rashad Omar, responds that facilities in question are "secure and under our control".

I'm not sure if it the IAEA's political leanings that makes me suspect of the claims, or the potential for Minister Omar to be playing both sides. Either way, we should definitely have some verification underway. And pronto.

Interesting world we live in....

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