Friday, October 01, 2004


Playing with the truth

Seems that Kerry once again decided the ends justify the means when he claimed:

"The President made the judgement to divert forces from under General Tommy Franks from Afghanistan before the Congress even approved it, to begin to prepare to go to war in Iraq."

General Michael Delong, when asked about this assertion, said
It's completely untrue, what happened is...The way we went to war in Afghanistan, first of all was different than the Soviets. We used Afghan forces with our ground forces on purpose so that they'd be the heroes of the war. So that they would feel good about themselves in the end, and be able to have a country united. We never had more than around 9000 soldiers there at any one time and today there is 10,000. So I can say unequivocally not one single troop, nor airplane, nor piece of equipment left Afghanistan to go to Iraq. It was a conscious decision on General Franks, the President and Sec. Rumsfelds part to insure that the war on terrorism not only stayed at its current rate but accelerated because going into Iraq, we did not know how that would make the terrorists react. So we went overboard. And the same day we went into Iraq we carried out a huge, huge operation in Afghanistan. So it (the statement by Kerry) is NOT correct.

General Tommy Franks has also reiterated this as well.

Playing with the truth. The ends justify the means. This is the man who wants us to trust him.

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