Monday, October 25, 2004


Read the Bleat today

Lileks today takes on the Guardian and it's call for an assassination of George W. Bush, and Bill Mahler (who once many years ago I liked, I am now ashamed to say) with his Anti-Gospel.

A smidgen, a smattering to whet your appetite:

You got caught, in other words. Look, you lackwits: we’re not that stupid. Of course it was an ironic joke, at least if you define “joke” as “mirthless adolescent japery along the order of drawing a Hitler moustache on your teacher’s yearbook picture.” What’s noteworthy is that it got through in the first place. Slid through like mercury down a mirror, probably. No one gave it a second thought. Stands to reason any sensible person would want the tosser done away with, no?

Read what he said, and think about it. Hope. Let there be hope that there is a tomorrow worth reaching for. Read it, and you will understand what I mean.

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