Thursday, October 28, 2004


Results of PC Thinking

from Asia News:

....Today’s Europe, that preaches its tolerance and openness to dialogue and input, has shown itself to be profoundly intolerant towards a minister who was appointed to the European Commission. For what reason? Because he is Catholic and his ideas on marriage and homosexuality do not coincide with the "political correctness" that is so much in vogue these days. Minister Rocco Buttiglione's clarifications on the difference between personal "Morality" and obedience to the "Laws" of the European Union were made in vain. For all intents and purposes, he has been outcast for his "Catholic morality".

The manipulative and deceitful media campaign conducted against Minister Buttiglione was just the latest in a series of incidents. The European Union's intolerance toward the Christian vision has been expressed in many other ways: birth control campaigns in Asia, Africa and South America involving Northern European politicians who propound abortion, contraception and lessons against John Paul II, singling him out as the "enemy" of the peoples in question; attempts at labelling as "anti-feminist racism" Cardinal Ratzinger’s document on the collaboration between men and women; the censuring of the monks of Mount Athos because they do not allow women to visit their monastery; the proposal to outlaw veils worn by nuns in Germany, the iconoclastic and pacifist fury of Zapatero in Spain.

All such attitudes of intolerance and delusions of limitless power are but the latest results in a plan to rip Europe from its Christian roots. And since, in point of fact, Christianity also provided Europe with a synthesis of values deriving from Judaism and Greco-Roman culture, this attempt to suffocate these roots amounts to simply wiping out Europe’s history and identity.

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