Monday, October 18, 2004


Standing or Capitulating

Little Red Blog says it so well:

During this the first week of Ramadhan, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has released a statement of his, and his organization’s, allegiance to al-Qaeda. While U.S. forces, and Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi have called for the people of Fallujah to stand up against the terrorist in their midst, al-Zarqawi has fought back and the city is most certainly going to pay a huge price for his decision. It is not the U.S. or Iraq that is causing the death of peaceful people within Iraq. It is not the war in Iraq that has created the belief that we live in an unsafe world today. Sure, Kofi Annan, may say otherwise. He is simply wrong. He like the left in this nation, Europe and throughout the world is incapable of recognizing the moral separation between the just defense of liberty and life, and the attacking of innocent non-combatants as practiced by Islamo-fascist around the world.

With restraint, our forces continue to take the battle to the enemies of a Free Iraq. With no regard for life, they commit unspeakable horrors and kill innocent people.

With compassion, we offer a choice for Iraqi’s and Afghan’s to choose their own path, to govern themselves in a manner of their own construction. Terrorists offer them a government controlled by the unholy adherents of a distorted and perverse faith.

The judgment of the Muslim man on the street, like that of the American, is in question. The U.N., France, Germany and others, believe that safety will come through our capitulation to this terror. I do not believe that after our election is over, that we will have made a decision to follow their lead. Instead, we will choose as we have for the majority of the last 228 years, to pursue the challenge before us. We will reaffirm that America is not a place or a geographic location. America is an idea.

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