Thursday, October 28, 2004


Statement From RNC Senior Advisor on Civil Rights Groups False Allegations


Contact: Press Office
(202) 863-8614

Washington, DC-RNC Senior Advisor Robert Traynham made the following statement today:

“Under President Bush’s leadership and with the assistance of the RNC, we are proud of our historic effort in registering 3.4 million new voters in diverse areas such as Philadelphia, Miami, Cleveland and in rural areas all across the United States.

“Today we are seeing these left leaning groups follow the instructions on page 51 of the 66 page Kerry-Edwards/DNC voting manual which instructs Democrat operatives to allege intimidation when none exists.

“This press conference today comes to no surprise as these left leaning groups follow the detailed instructions of their minority intimidation playbook to launch ‘pre-emptive strikes’ and to spread falsehoods even when the facts tell a different story.”

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